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Raccoon Squeakerless Toddler Shoes | Gray

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Robert Sneakmiser Squeakerless Shoes

NOTE: These shoes do not have squeakers in the heel.

  • Wide opening makes it easy to put on and take off shoes
  • Compatible with many AFOs, SMOs and other orthotics
  • Non-marking rubber soles provide a reliable grip
  • High top design provides good support for early walkers

Sizes 9-13 have a slightly narrower profile when compared to sizes 2-8. These sizes still have a wide opening mouth and would be considered a roomy fit shoe.

Robert Sneakmiser lives up to his name as a renowned thief. He does not have a squeaker of his own so he is always on the lookout for an opportunity to "borrow" a squeaker from the other ikiki characters. Though he does always give the squeakers back... Eventually.

Non-Squeaky Sandals Diagram
Non-Squeaky Sandals Diagram

Customer Reviews

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Erin M.
First time user

This brand has been recommended multiple times in one of the groups I am in for children with SMO’s. I finally ordered a pair and just got them today. I love the look and how easy it is to get them on over SMO’s. I would highly recommend!

Julie W.
Beautiful shoes!!

The shoes are sturdy and comfortable. My child's SMO'S fit!!! She likes wearing them.

Hannah B.

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