Ikiki Captain Zuga Squeaky Shoes - Size 4

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Captain Zuga

Captain Zuga is our not so fearsome former pirate who still loves sailing the seven the seas but hunts for adventure instead of treasure. He loves maps, history, and discovering new places to explore and sail. There is no sea creature he doesn’t want to learn more about and no island he doesn’t want to investigate; he is always up for adventure. Pirates aren’t all swords and swashbuckling, Captain Zuga also loves to sing jolly pirate tunes and learn about the stars he uses for navigation. Astronomy and the arts aren’t just for land dwellers, you know. While no longer racketeering, Captain Zuga still enjoys creating a racket by squeaking with delight every time a child takes a step in his shoes..

Shiver me squeakers!

"As a former pirate, I know the importance of having shoes with good grip while swashbuckling or swabbing the deck. Ikiki's soles keep me from falling overboard and, what's more, the squeaks keep the seagulls away!"

Shoes For Toddlers

Toddler Feet Aren't Like Adult Feet

Virtually all kid shoes are just adult shoes that were shrunk down to be smaller. But kids’ feet are different than adult feet. That’s why we started from the ground up to re-imagine kid shoes. We’ve searched long and hard to find the best materials for a breathable, comfortable, and fun shoe for kids that will help them learn to walk.

Recommended to Help Toddlers Learn to Walk

Squeaky shoes have been recommended by physical therapists and pediatricians to help toddlers learn to walk and reinforce good walking habits.

Adjustable Squeaker

We wanted these shoes to be safe for our own kids. That’s why we designed an adjustable squeaker that can easily be turned on or off without having to take the whole squeaker out.

A Shoe Your Child Will Want to Wear

Most professionals agree that the best shoes for toddlers are all about fit, form, and function, not fashions. But the perfectly functioning toddler shoe will only work if your toddler keeps them on. Ikikis are so fun your child will want to wear them all the time.


ikiki Washing Instructions

ikiki shoes cannot be machine washed. The squeaker will stop working if it gets submerged in water.

To Surface Wash Your ikiki's:

  • Remove excess dirt from the shoe with a dry cloth
  • Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water
  • Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with soapy water and clean off any dirty areas
  • Use a speparate cloth or sponge with clean warm water to rinse off the soapy water from the shoe
  • Let the shoe air dry before your next squeaky adventure


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32868-04


  • ikiki


  • Adjustable squeaker that turns on and off with the flip of a switch
  • Soft, breathable materials for a roomy, comfortable fit
  • Our own version of the high top that gives support without hugging the ankle or causing discomfort
  • A unique character with its own name, life and story
  • Soft, grippy, flexible soles


  • U.S. Size 4


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Most helpful reviews

Great shoes!

Karen - 10/22/2015 9:43:52 PM

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Pros: Easy to put on and take off, they fit great. People always comment on them. My daughter I old enough to know how to turn the squeaker back on so sometimes I have to tape over the switch. She gets mad whenever I try to put any other shoe on her!



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Love the shoes!

- 1/22/2017 8:22:14 AM

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Pros: Entertaining while they have helped my daughter walk "heel to toe". Soft yet durable material. My daughter adores these shoes!

Cons: The inside sole of the shoe (fabric and insole) has separated from the shoe. It is disappointing as I thought the shoes were more durable. I have a harder time putting the shoes on as the insole moves now.

Other: Is there a way this issue can be resolved?

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Love them!

Mommy of 2 - 1/26/2017 6:26:27 AM

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Pros: My daughter was lacking confidence to really take off and walk, but as soon as she realizes these squeeked she just wanted to keep going! Adorably cute!

Cons: Took awhile to get them to really squeeked. Needed broke in a bit first.


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malohaxo - 3/19/2017 4:51:15 AM


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- 3/13/2017 11:18:31 AM

Cute and comfortable. My daughter is thrilled with the squeak and we are thrilled watching her take off. A must have for all babes learning to walk. They are roomy but supportive. Easy to take on and off. In fact my daughter was trying to put them on herself!

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Cutest ever

Chief - 3/2/2017 7:41:14 PM

Cuteness, fun, on off switch, keeps her walking

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In love!

Yvonne - 1/27/2017 7:35:16 PM

My daughter loves her shoes! I noticed a difference in her walking within minutes. She is speed walking now and is more secure walking on her own. She loves the squeaks!

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Love them!

Mommy of 2 - 1/26/2017 6:26:27 AM

My daughter was lacking confidence to really take off and walk, but as soon as she realizes these squeeked she just wanted to keep going! Adorably cute!

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