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ikiki Reseller Program

Who is ikiki?

Ikiki is a brand of Sewell Labs. Since the 1980s, our model here at Sewell has always been to sell directly to the end user in order to provide the best value. We continue to make our direct model the main focus of our business, but we highly value resellers that can address markets that we wouldn’t be able to reach ourselves such as brick-and-mortar retail or e-commerce sites with their own fan-base and traffic sources.

We are looking for resellers that have a unique customer base—if you bring an independent eco-system of customers to the table, it ensures that we are not competing with each other on our products simply on price. If we continue to bring unique products that nobody else makes to market, and if you bring a unique customer base, it is a winning combination that has solidified over a decade of business with many of Sewell’s resellers.

Guidelines for Resellers

For this reason we have certain guidelines that ensure that the reseller program works for both us and you.

Where You Can Sell

--If you are a North American-based reseller, you are restricted from selling our products on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, or other 3rd party marketplaces. A 3rd party marketplace is defined as any website that you don’t own, and where the customer checks out and buys the product. We encourage North American brick and mortar retailers as well as any online retail site with its own fan-base and traffic sources to apply. Contractors, installers, distributors, and procurement companies are also highly encouraged to apply to our reseller program. Resellers operating under these models have historically rated their experience as a Sewell reseller very highly.--

  • If you are a reseller in the UK, you are restricted from selling your products on Amazon UK. Selling on any other 3rd party sites might be permitted but only through written permission from Sewell. All other types of retail and distribution, whether brick-and-mortar or online is permitted in the UK.
  • If you are a reseller outside of North America and the UK, you are permitted to sell our products through 3rd party sites, brick-and-mortar, your own site, and through any other form of retail or distribution. The 3rd party sites that you plan to resell on must be disclosed in your reseller application.


All resellers of Sewell brands are required to maintain a quarterly purchasing volume of $3,000. Without a minimum order volume requirement, we wouldn’t be able to devote a high level of service and resources to all resellers, but we also realize that sometimes it takes time to ramp up to meet the minimums if you are just starting out. Although we often must enforce these minimums, we try our best to allow as many resellers into our reseller program as possible and give leeway to those that are building up to meeting those minimums. We remember being a small company and being really grateful when our vendors would bend the rules for us a bit to let us get a footing with reselling their brand. We’ll always try our best to be accommodating but we occasionally reach maximum bandwidth in our accounts team and sometimes we must turn low-volume resellers away.