About Us

Our main company is called Sewell Development (est. 1983), and ikiki is one of our brands. Sewell manufactures Audio, Video, and Home Theater accessories for home and professional use. 
The ikiki brand originally started as a fun side project when we tried to find good shoes for our own kids. We wanted fun, durable shoes that they could put on by themselves and not have to fight them to keep them on. Now ikiki has grown to be a large part of what we do.
At first we used a regular squeaker. But we noticed that while squeaks are fun, they have their time and place. We wanted a way to turn them off. Most squeakers can be easily silenced by taking the whole squeaker out. But we didn't want that to be a choking hazard for our kids.
We took the knowledge we gained from manufacturing A/V products and designed a custom squeaker that can be turned off by simply sliding a switch, and made it nearly impossible for the little ones to take it out.
We constantly receive many reviews that the squeaks encourage kids to walk properly by stepping heel-first to make a squeak and discourage "toe walking".
Since the shoes are roomy and easy to put on, and because of the velcro strap design, they are great for kids with either wide or narrow feet.
Because of this, they are also recommended by Occupational Therapists for children that use Orthotic Braces. See our mobility page. We plan to continue to improve our shoes to work better with braces.
In 2018 we received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of approval. We are committed to helping kids to learn to walk and have a fun time doing it.