Toddler Feet Are Not Like Adult Feet

What to Look For:

1 Find a roomy fit. Kid’s feet grow in spurts, and they grow faster than you might think. Kids can grow one-half foot size every 2 to 4 months. To keep your toddler’s shoes comfortable, make sure and pick shoes with a roomy fit.

2 The high top. High top shoes can offer extra support, but they can also be tight and restricting. Our own version of the high top is the best of both worlds. It offers support without restricting the ankle.

3 Stay in the loop. Pull on loops aren’t essential, but they can make it that much easier to get shoes on your toddler’s feet.

4 Put some squeak in your step. Squeaky shoes make walking fun, but they also encourage proper walking habits. Most toddlers learn to walk on their toes. Squeaky shoes help them learn to take proper heel-to-toe steps. As an added bonus they also help you know where your kids are.

5 To squeak or not to squeak? Why not both? ikiki shoes have a patented squeaker design that allows you to turn off the squeaker when you need a little peace and quiet.

6 Get comfy. The insole should be soft and absorbent. Don’t worry if it doesn’t have arch support, most children don’t need it. Toddlers have flat feet until they’re 16 months old and don’t fully develop an arch until they are 6 to 8 years old.

7 Bend the soles. The soles should be soft and flexible, not hard and stiff. A soft, non-skid rubber sole is usually a good choice.

8 Get a grip, but not too much. Toddler shoes need to be able to grip the floor to help toddlers walk, but too much grip can cause them to trip. Find a flat-bottomed, grippy rubber sole. Try to avoid shoes with thick soles and a lot of ridges.

9 A shoe your child will want to wear. Most professionals agree that the best shoes for toddlers are all about fit, form, and function, not fashions. But the perfectly functioning toddler shoe will only work if your toddler keeps them on. And, as any parent will tell you, that can be easier said than done. ikiki shoes have fun character designs your child is sure to love.

10 Give the toes some room.
Get shoes with a rounded front (not a pointed one) to give your toddler’s toes plenty of room for movement.

11 Let it breathe. Everyone likes breathable shoes, but it is especially important for toddlers. Make sure to find shoes with soft, breathable uppers. Avoid shoes that use a lot of hard leather or plastic.

12 Open Wide. Toddler feet are cute, but they’re also a bit on the chubby side, making it hard to put them into shoes. Find shoes that have a wide opening mouth to make it easy to put shoes on. Velcro is an added feature to make it that much easier and faster.