Our Story

ikiki is dedicated to creating shoes, booties, and other articles of clothing that are designed especially for kids.

It all started when we tried to find shoes for our own kids. We found out that most kid shoes are just adult shoes that have been shrunk down.

So we started from the ground up to make a shoe especially for kids. One that would be roomy, comfortable, and help kids learn how to walk.

Better Shoes

ikiki shoes have only the best materials for developing feet. And the patent-pending adjustable squeaker has been proven to help kids learn how to walk and reinforce good walking habits. They are perfect for crawlers learning to walk, toddlers learning to take proper heel-to-toe steps, or anyone who wants walking to be fun!


What do parents say?

“…my daughter is walking SO much more confidently, and she jumped last week. She has always been scared to even try. She’s increased her speed, flexibility, and confidence by 3000%. It’s a different kid! That squeak is so much more than knowing where my daughter is, or a cute little attention getter . . . it’s peace of mind . . . you guys have changed our lives!”

-Stormy G.

“I no longer have to battle getting shoes on my son’s feet! The first day he wore his new ikiki shoes he wouldn’t let me take them off. He even took his nap with his new Narwhal friends . . . I also like having the versatility of turning the squeak on and off so easily and not losing the noisemaker. I love these shoes!”

-Trish O.

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