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Cyber Stomp Squeakerless Shoes | Blue Circuit Board Pattern

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Cyber Stomp Squeakerless Shoes

NOTE: These shoes do not have squeakers in the heel.

  • Wide opening makes it easy to put on and take off shoes
  • Compatible with many AFOs, SMOs and other orthotics
  • Non-marking rubber soles provide a reliable grip
  • High top design provides good support for early walkers

Sizes 9-13 have a slightly narrower profile when compared to sizes 2-8. These sizes still have a wide opening mouth and would be considered a roomy fit shoe.

Non-Squeaky Shoes Diagram
Non-Squeaky Shoes Diagram

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Jillian D.

These are like toddler shoes, which look out of place on a kindergartener, also my son's shoe came apart a week in!! The bottom sole came detached to the shoe. I gorilla glued it together.

We're sorry the quality of our shoes didn't meet your expectations! If you would like to return them for a refund, you can submit a request at or reach out to our Customer Experience Team.

Debbie E.

They work great with her orthotics thanks again I wish they had solid colors for girls I will be back

Mary a.R.

Bought 3 pairs,keeping 1, your e mails say I got a refund on 2 but my ch card says I only received 1 refund, why ??!!!!!?????

Hello! I'm so sorry that your refund was processed incorrectly. You'll want to reach out to our customer support team to get that fixed. You can reach out to us a