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Love these shoes!

My daughter loves these shoes! When we are at the grocery store or park we turn the squeakers on and she loves running around! When we are at church or library we turn them off! Its a great feature and have no issues with size! They are very durable and have lasted a very long time!

Happy with our order

I was so happy with our order .
We are in Disney and the shoes have been a hit ! And I defiantly will be buying more


I was skeptical when I purchased these shoes for my toddler, but I absolutely love these! I cannot wait to buy her more! She even loves that they squeak when she walks. They are super adorable and we get so many compliments on them.

5 Stars for Sylvester Whiskerton

We received your shoe a few weeks ago and absolutely love them! My son who has Hemiparises Spasicity needed a shoe with good ankle and heel support, also something that would support an orthotic, and this is it. He is also on his toes a lot and the squeakers really encourage him to put weight on his heels. Since he still primarily crawls I love how the toe of the shoe doesn't scuff and is easy to wipe clean. I'm super excited about adding more pairs to his wardrobe. I would definitely recommend to other mom's.

-Alicia, mom to Chase 1yr

Lots of compliments

My limits 2 year old is loving her shoes, she’s enjoying jumping and listening the squeaky sound. They are super cute and she seem very comfortable beside it matches with any outfit.

Fun on Feet

These perfect little squeaker shoes are a very nice quality and our grandson looks adorable in them.


My 2 year old never wanted to keep shoes on. As soon as he was sitting he would take them off. Since we got these he leaves them on and was pretty excited to learn how to turn the squeak on and off.


These shoes are too cute and comfy for my little baby. The shipping was free and fast! Will definately buy more.

Just perfect

I will be buying again as my daughter grows. Sooo cute and really nicely made. Great quality! Very flexible for a new walker.

Cute and comfy

We get a lot of compliments about the style of her shoes and she loves the sound it makes when she walks. The size is perfect.

Love these!

The Chairman Meows are adorable! Baby is obsessed with them. Love the color. Very easy to get on and off. Only downside is that they seem to get dirty rather easily, but they look like they will be very easy to clean. Will definitely be ordering another pair!

Wonderful customer service!!

Ordered Mr Barkles and when the shoes arrived one of the squeakers did not work. ikiki was super efficient and helpful and sent out a new pair right away. We can't get enough of the shoes, absolutely adorable!!

Best shoes ever!

I really love the design of the shoe and they are so adorable, but what I love more about them is that my 3 year old son with sensory processing disorder loved them since the first day and asked me to put them on right away. I been having a hard time trying to make him wear different shoes other then his nike and it always resulted in tears and me very frustrated. I know he loves animals and his dad thought it would be a great idea to get him some. I’m not gonna lie I was nervous because i know how my son is and how hard it’s for him to try new things. But I was so wrong and he is in love with them. He knows how to turn the squeaker off when it’s too much for him and he gets so many compliments and what more then a great idea to have the squeaky noise to know where you kid is if he is so independent like mine. Definitely recommend the shoes and I can’t wait to get him another pair.

Speedy delivery and great product

My son loves these shoes.

Great Customer Service

I had order the wrong size and they sent out the correct size right away with a return label and notified me when they got my return back. It was super easy and they were very helpful even recommending the correct size. My son loves them!

Love it, 3rd one we buy

We love those shoes. Third pair we buy as the LO grows.
Not very adapted for summer though as feet tend to sweat when it's warm.

Thank you for your feedback! We actually have just started making all of our ikikis in a new breathable material. Would you like me to send you a replacement with the new fabric?
Perfect Gift

I owned one of shoe and got it for my friend! They love it so much ! Very cute and nice !

Great Quality

I love your shoes and so do my 3 kids. Unlike other velcro shoes, they don't pull yours off. They also love the sound.I was having a hard time keeping shoes on them and now that is not a concern. Also, my kids needed more of a high top shoe to help support their ankles and yours are not quite high tops but not quite low either. Ended up being the perfect fit for us. My oldest is 3 and he will soon out grow your largest size (11). Wish you made them up to a size 13 to cover toddlers like mine who have larger feet.

Huge fan!

These are so easy to get on and off with the velcro closure and it opens very wide. My son has so much fun making his shoes squeak! Everywhere we go they draw attention (in a good way) and my son never fights me when trying to get these on him luckily. Plenty of room for his chubby little feet. Huge fans and we already have these in the next size up!

Love them!

My two year old son wanted cat shoes and we found them at ikiki. He LOVES his shoes. It’s been three months does not want to wear any other shoes. He loves the cat and the squeaks. He also loves that he can (kind of) put them on and take them off himself. We will be buying the same shoes in the next size up.


When my son started walking I had the hardest time finding tennis shoes to fit his chubby little feet. These were an instant hit! He LOVES to walk & squeak and they are so cute on him . We will be buying more as he grows.

Squeaker love!

We love these shoes. So much that we have bought our second pair now. Wren loves making them squeak, and she gets smiles everywhere she wears them. We love that the squeaker can be turned off :)

Loved these!!!

My 2 YO loves cats so he is o seeded with these!! We get compliments everywhere we go and he is so impressed with the squeaking feature, he runs around just to make them squeak. Nice that the squeak can be turned off, too. My son has a high step (thick foot) so it’s hard to find shoes that are roomy enough for him and these are perfect!! Will be buying again. Note: they DO seem to run a little big. Thank you!

My bub loves his squeakers!

My little guy loves his ikiki shoes! We just ordered his second pair. Super easy to put on and super cute too!


My 2 year old absolutely loves these shoes!

Everyone loves Dr. Hoot

I bought these shoes for my 2 year old that currently has the tendency to walk on her toes. She immediately liked the character on the shoes and enjoys making the squeaker sound.
As it turns out, the Physical Therapist's office was even more impressed. The staff has asked where they can buy the shoes and is very impressed by how wide the shoes are and the squeaks for successful heel to toe steps.
Several parents at the daycare have also asked about buying options for their children. Very nice shoes, and I am happy with my purchase thus far.

Awesome first shoes

These are the best shoes for a beginning walker! The picture on the left was taken in October and the one on the right is from February. They held up well throughout the winter with plenty of life left. My son loves walking with the squeaker and I love how easy they are to put on him. We get tons of compliments wherever we go and I have recommended these shoes to multiple friends. (Coupon code cards have come in handy!) Once my son outgrows them we will definitely be back for more!

In LOVE with these shoes! Fast shipping too!

These shoes are not only adorable, but amazing quality and great for our daughter!! The company shipped these super fast and since receiving we have been very happy with the performance and quality and our daughter even loves them! Even better you can opt to have the squeaker on or off.

Great product

I love the shoes, but most importantly my daughter loves them too. They are well made, stylish and fun to wear. When my daughter realized they squeak she couldn’t stop running all over the house. I’ll definitely order more. Best shoes for kids in my opinion.

Awesome shoes -- granddaughter LOVES them!!

We have a little 3-year-old toe walker, and thought these owl shoes might help. What a big hit -- she put them on by herself and immediately figured out you have to go heel-toe to get the squeak. Very nice sturdy quality, so cute, easy for a toddler to put on and take off. She mastered turning the squeak off and on right away, but prefers it on. I can't say enough about these adorable little shoes. I will recommend them to everyone.

My 14month old son loves these shoes

My son loves these shoes, he dances in them, so i decided to buy a second pair a size up :) so worth it.

My daughter loves these.

Perfect for a child who is just learning to walk.


Our first pair and my 2 year old loves them!!! We have so many compliments definitely ordering more.

Our favorite shoes !

My son loves these shoes! They are so cute and we get so many compliments !!


I loved the design! they look just as shown. I'm only giving it 3 stars because the left squeaker doesn't work i even tried it with my hand which is very disappointing because my baby loved them. I would return them but they have already been used once.

It's okay if the shoes are worn! If your shoes are defective, I would be happy to send you a new pair! I'll set you up for an order for the same size and style and include a return label so I can get that defective pair back!
Overall, lots of fun and cute design

My girl loves the owls and loves the squeaking. The only thing I don't like is that they are a bit wide and therefore sloshy on her feet, so she scuffs while walking. But overall grand fun.

Love these!

These are cute, fit great, and give my 20 mo great support.

Great Fun Shoes!

My 1yr old granddaughter loves them! She kept trying to figure out where the squeaky noise was coming from. They are fun shoes for her. It was worth it! The look on her face was priceless

Best shoes ever!

My 2 year old loves his shoes and we get multiple compliments! They are our favorite shoes to wear!! ❤

Love love LOVE !!!

When I originally bought these shoes it was because my daughter lives owls. Then I realized they squeaked and we love it! We get compliments all the time and the option to turn it off is great ! Plus, I always know where she is if I'm busy doing something in the house and she runs off , lol she's so fast !!! Amazing


I bought these for my best friend's son for his second birthday. From the moment he put them on until it was time for bed he had a smile on his face! Great for any kiddo who loves puppies and tons of fun!

LOVE these shoes

I LOVE these shoes! They are so adorable AND my child actually walked with them on! With other shoes he would just drag his feet or stay in place as if we had put cement on his feet instead of shoes. With these he actually picked his feet up to walk! He's just starting to walk with help but he's getting more confident each day! On top of that, there's no fighting to get his shoes on anymore! With other shoes he'd bunch his toes up and his feet are already chubby so it made it almost impossible to get any type of shoe on his feet. These slide right on! I got them bigger so that he could grow into them but I'll definitely be getting another pair when he's done wrecking the current pair or outgrows them!

Best shoes for little walkers!!!

We have been buying these shoes since our little guy could walk...we have almost all of the characters! They are by far the easiest shoes to get on and off and with chubby feet these are the best choice! They have a really good cushion for his feet and the squeakers encourage walking at first, and then they just give you peace of mind when out in public. I'm assured my toddler is right next to me walking, even though I'm right there with him, toddlers can get away pretty quickly so it's comforting to know I can hear him too! Everyone always compliments how cute they are and love the squeakers! I had to buy this Patty Potamus for our niece and she looks absolutely adorable and her parents equally love them!

So adorable!

I heard about these shoes from my cousin. The next day I went online and purchased Sylvester Whiskerton for my grandson who is now 16 months old. HE LOVES THEM! I told my boss about these shoes and he purchased Penelope Hamilton shoes. They love them too! I will be buying more. They are so adorable!

Perfectly Adorable!

Fell in love with these shoes a few months back and baby girl now has 4 pair. It’s so easy to keep track of her with the squeak and people walking by get an absolute kick of it as well.
I am constantly writing down so other parents and loved ones can buy them as well.

Thank you so much for sharing ikiki with your friends and for the great photo! We are actually at

Best purchase I've made in a while! My 17 month old loves squeaking around, the shoes are so cute and the squeaks bring many smiles and laughs. They are also soft, lightweight and easy to put on. Love.

So much fun!!!

I got these for my 18 month old and she absolutely loves them. Everyone comments on them.

Cute shoes

Great shoes. Got them for my 4yo daughter. Only thing is they dirty quickly. And material wise it’s not for rough wear.

Love these!!

Great sneakers for the little walkers/runners!!

Great Shoes

They look cute and people are always commenting on them. Being able to turn the squeak on and off is a great feature. I love these shoes!