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I have been searching for shoes for my son with SMO braces with no luck!! I came across your website and I am so happy I did!! They fit perfectly over the braces and he’s so comfortable in them! Thank you!

Worry Free

My grand kids now 2 1/2 and 6 1/2 years old have been in Ikiki squeaky shoes the whole time. They’re a perfect fit and comfortable. We tried other known brands and their fit was never as comfortable. Just get the Ikiki’s and you’ll never worry about fit and comfort. Besides, they’re cute. Who doesn’t want cute.

Unicorn Squeaky Toddler Shoes | White/Sparkly Blue

Penguin Squeaky Toddler Shoes | Sparkly Black


This was my son’s first pair of Ikiki shoes. He wears SMO’s and they fit nicely over them, we sized up one size. The Captain Zuga pair is so adorable with the skull and the fact that they are black and white means they match so many outfits. The squeaker can be turned off if desired, which is also a nice feature.

Cute Shoes For SMOs

My son wears SMOs and some adaptive shoes can be unattractive. These shoes are cute and the Agent Slate shoes are neutral enough that he can wear them with any outfit. They are durable too.

Strap extended works when velcro stops working

I love these shoes. It is rare but the strap velcro wore out so I bought a strap extended and it repaired it. These shoes are wonderful and I can hear where my grandkids are!!!

Great shoes!

My grandson has had several pairs of the squeaky Ikiki shoes. They fit so well over his braces and are durable. Thank you!

Halloween must have

These are a Halloween must have! They look fab with all kinds of spooky outfits! As always love the room fit for kiddos feet and the option to enable squeak tracking (or not!)

First shoes

That was my son’s first pair of shoes 3 years ago ! Good quality ! It’s still work well for my daughter now. We love ikiki’s shoes

These are the only shoes my daughter loves wearing!

These are adorable, easy to get on, seemingly comfortable since my daughter prefers them over all other shoes, well-made, and sturdy. And the squeaker helps us keep track of her and gets lots of compliments!

The squeak went out after 4 wears. My son knows it doesn’t squeaks and gets upset. Tried contacting ikiki got no response

So cute with braces 😍

Fits my son's smo and afos perfectly ☺️

Really cute shoes but one did not squeek

My son is starting to walk but on his top toes. We bought these shoes to encourage heel striking. One of the shoes did not work even after opening the valve. If it would have worked it would be a really cute shoe.

We're sorry one of the shoes doesn't squeak! You can exchange the pair for a working replacement at

Checkered sandals

They work well with AFO’s

Butterfly sneakers

Not as happy as we have been in the past. Second pair of shoes that are more narrow than before and I can barely get them on over her braces. Sad because we loved the shoes in the past. Nor sure why you decide to make them more narrow.

I'm sorry the shoes are too narrow! Our non-squeaky shoes are narrower than our squeaky shoes. The squeaky shoes will have the same width you loved in the past.

Too cute!

I wish there were more options for a darker base on the shoe so there would be less cleaning since white shoes dirt easily! Please make gender neutral or boy colors for the animals that have a pink shoe. Would also be great if there was a customize feature as well!

Sooooooo cute!

I love the color of these vintage sandals and appreciate the squeakerless version!

Cyber Stomp Squeakerless Toddler Shoes | Blue Circuit Board Pattern

We're sorry you weren't happy with our product! If you have any feedback for us, we'd be happy to hear it!

Why did I get just one shoe size fours

Great shoe for our daughter who wears SMO’s! So cute!

Fierce Dragon Squeaky Toddler Shoes | Green

Narwhal Squeaky Toddler Shoes | Blue

Another great purchase. My kid has fat, wide feet and these shoes are a breeze to put on and take off. The only reason I'm taking a star off is because the spider legs came off pretty soon after getting them.

Great sandals

My baby girl loves her squeaky sandals. These are great new walker shoes with the covered toe and strap. The cute design, shoe quality and price point will definitely make us returning customers.