ikiki® Shoes

Recommended by Doctors and Parents

Finally found the right shoe!

After searching for a year, we have found the right shoe for our daughter. She was born with clubfoot. It has been a struggle to find a shoe that is wide enough, supportive enough in the sole and ankle, can fit her thin ankles, and doesn’t break the bank. I love that Ikiki provides the option of singletons!! Ikiki is perfect and her podiatrist approves!! Bonus: our daughter absolutely loves them!

Jess R

Wish we found these sooner!

Since getting these shoes, my daughter (hypotonia, cerebellum issues, grey matter heterotropia) is motivated to “run” just to hear the shoes squeak. We love the roominess for her SMOs, and the shoes are so lightweight. I wish we had found these sooner, I think it would’ve been a huge help from the very beginning. We’ve since shared these with her orthotist, OT, and PT. We intend to get these for as long as she needs them. You’ve made a repeat customer!

Melinda Morton

Fun and Functional

I purchased these initially because they are so cute and have one big easy velcro strap with a wide opening for ease getting shoes on and off. My child has autism and he does not like wearing shoes so he often takes them off in the car or when waiting anywhere. I felt these would be easy to get back on quickly; and easy for him to put on himself. He is 3 years old. The incredible and unexpected benefit is the squeaker! My son likes the squeak so much that it has provided positive reinforcement for him to keep his shoes on -- AND HE DOES! Since he has been wearing these shoes, the frequency of him removing his shoes has reduced significantly! We are very happy with this purchase. Everyone loves his shoes, especially all his therapists!

Jessica Lopez

Sensory win!

We have a sensory averse child with low muscle tone and little brick feet. She's been wearing 2+ sizes too big just to make her feet comfortable. As she is wobbly already, this was causing constant tripping, cue MORE sensory meltdowns. Thank you Ikiki for making affordable, sturdy, wide shoes! She's been dancing and running and stomping since we put them on (and they went on SO easily!). No trips or falls yet!! These should be more advertised in the sensory world. MUST HAVE!

Taylor Clason