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Sunshine Squeaky Toddler Sandals | Yellow

Joy in Every Step™
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Felicity Sunbeam

Sizing Note: Our Sandals outsoles are 1 size smaller compared to our shoes due to being designed for use without socks - some customers, including those with braces, may need to order 1 size larger

  • Squeaks can be turned on/off with a switch
  • Closed toe design protects little toes
  • Breathable fabric
  • Roomy Fit
  • Velcro strap

Felicity may be around 93 million miles away but many ikiki characters still consider her one of their closest friends.   She likes brightening the days of others and is always looking for a chance to lift others up.   Though a lot of her friends have spent quite a bit of money on sunscreen, Felicity is worth the trouble.

Squeaky Sandals Diagram
Squeaky Sandals Diagram

Customer Reviews

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Jessica B.
Really cute shoes but one did not squeek

My son is starting to walk but on his top toes. We bought these shoes to encourage heel striking. One of the shoes did not work even after opening the valve. If it would have worked it would be a really cute shoe.

We're sorry one of the shoes doesn't squeak! You can exchange the pair for a working replacement at

Great sandals

My baby girl loves her squeaky sandals. These are great new walker shoes with the covered toe and strap. The cute design, shoe quality and price point will definitely make us returning customers.

Christine M.
LOVE them

The Grand children and everyone love these shoes not much more to be said.