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Otto Sanchez, Single Shoes

Otto Sanchez, Single Shoes

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A bank branch manager by day, Otto Sanchez is a wizard when it comes to balancing accounts.  However, by night Otto likes to release the stress he gets at work by destroying other wrestlers as a top class Luchador.



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Cute and fit great!

Our son loves his new shoes. They are super cute and came quickly after ordering.

Jennifer B.
Super Cute!

Bought these for my grandson who was starting to walk a lot on his toes. Even with other shoes on, his gait was tip toe prone. So, I did some research and believed these were a great solution.
From the instant we put them on his feet ( very very easy to put on, and great for chubby little feet) he realizes real quick that they made noise when his heel was down. He picks these out every time when he goes to his closet , he’s 16 months old, but the color and the noise grabs his attention. We are already noticing a difference in his walk. Great way to always know where they are at, lol and great that you can turn off when need to be. Great shoes…great idea!!

Brittany T.

these shoes are adorable and make getting shoes on and off with orthotics SO EASY! Whatsmore, my 2.5yo LOVES THEM. We tried them on when they arrived and she squeaked around the house as long as we would let her :-D she loves them too. I can tell she feels super special wearing them and they don’t weigh her down or slow her down at all. Thank you Ikiki we will be repeat customers

Elizabeth A.

My grandson loves his otters!

Our third pair and we love them!

My daughter has two pairs, so we had to get a pair for my son too!


We want to take the stress out of buying online, so if you got the wrong sizeor the shoes don't fit quite right, we can exchange them for the correct size. We'll take care of shipping (both ways, US only). Just contact us within 30 days and let us know your Order #. We'll send you your correct size FIRST, and email you a return shipping label for the old pair, so your little one won't have to go without their critter buddies.

The only thing we ask is that you check the size as soon as you get them* and if a size exchange is needed, return them in new condition. We reserve the right to refuse worn shoes.

*If the shoes were a gift for a birthday or other special occasion, reach out to us and we'll work with you if they are still new, but were just waiting to be opened on the special day.

Please note we are only able to set this up for orders placed on our website. If you ordered on Amazon, you will need to set up a return through your Amazon account. When returning shoes through Amazon, there may be a return fee that you will be responsible for. This fee is collected by Amazon, not ikiki, and we cannot refund it.

No, we are not able to cancel or edit orders once placed because they are immediately sent to be fulfilled. We ask that you please double-check that all of your items in your cart and information in the checkout is correct.

Our Site 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you or your little one doesn't love the shoes, contact us! Send them back within 90-days and we'll refund you, but they must be in new condition to be eligible. Applies to US orders only.

If you are an Amazon customer, you must be within their 30-day return policy, and you will need to process the return through your Amazon account. When returning shoes through Amazon, there may be a return fee that you will be responsible for. This fee is collected by Amazon, not ikiki, and we cannot refund it.

No, we don't sell our shoes through normal stores. Doing so would mean we would have to either:
  • 1. Charge more.
  • 2. Not use such premium materials.
(Yeah, we don't like those options either.)

Our shoes run pretty true-to-size but it's always a good idea to check out our sizing guide.

The squeaker in the sole of your kid's shoes can become damaged in sand, water, or mud. If you want the squeaker to keep working (and we know at least your kids do) we recommend not getting them wet or sandy.

Yes! We have many customers that use orthotics, we typically suggest buying 2 sizes larger than your child's un-braced foot size in order to fit the braces. For more info see our ikiki™ Mobility page.

We offer a 10% discount on all orders that contain two or more pairs of shoes! This discount will be automatically applied to your cart! This discount cannot be combined with any discount codes, and orders for single shoes do not qualify.

Discount codes can be applied at the checkout. We only allow the application of a single discount code per order.

Standard free shipping (US only) takes about 3-5 business days. If you're eager to get squeaking, faster shipping options are available at checkout. Check out our shipping policy here.

In addition to being closed on the weekends, we are closed on the following holidays. No shipments will be processed, and we will be unavailable by phone or live chat. All inquiries will be handled on the following business day.
-New Year’s Eve
-New Year’s Day
-Memorial Day (Observed)
-Independence Day (Observed)
-Labor Day
-Thanksgiving Day
-Day after Thanksgiving
-Christmas Eve
-Christmas Day

In addition to the above, USPS will not pick up packages on the observed federal holidays for:
-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
-President’s Day
-Columbus Day
-Veterans Day

Usually this is caused by one of three things:
  1. The squeaker is turned off
    If you can see red on the squeaker then slide the switch to the other side. (You might be reaching to slide it back to the off position soon).
  2. Your child isn't quite 20 lbs.
    This usually only happens in the smallest sizes (3, 4 and sometimes 5). To test it squeeze the heel with your hand - if you hear a squeak then rest assure that as your child grows the squeaks will get louder and louder.
  3. The squeaker needs to be primed
    Sometimes the squeakers need to be broken in to get the air circulating inside. Squeeze the squeaker by hand ten times and see if it starts squeaking.

If none of these resolves it please send us a message and let us make it right! While it isn't common sometimes the squeaker itself is defective.

The insoles are made to be easily removable. This makes it easier to to fit AFOs or SMOs. If you find that the heel of the insole is lifting or don't want sneaky kids to be able to remove them, we recommend putting a little flexible adhesive (like E6000 or Loctite Flexible Adhesive) under the insole.

It's better not to submerge the shoe - sometimes water can damage the reed which can keep them from squeaking. (And if that sounds good to you we recommend familiarizing yourself with how the "off switch" works).

To spot clean:
  1. Mix a small amount of hand or dish soap with warm water.
  2. Apply with a small cloth or sponge.
    If you have deep stains an old toothbrush can do wonders. (We strongly recommend retiring it after this mission).
  3. Rinse with fresh, warm water.
    You want to completely remove the soap. Repeat as needed.
  4. Let the shoes dry before your next adventure.

We have a great article to explain it!

We want to protect our critter friends, so none of our shoes use any animal products. ikikis are Vegan friendly. We do use 30% natural rubber, which contains latex.

Sewell Direct is ikiki's parent company! We are located in Orem, Utah, home of our shipping warehouse and main office. We produce and sell electronics and tech supplies. Who knew a tech company would make squeaky shoes!

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