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Unicorn Squeaky Single Sandals | White/Sparkly Blue

Joy in Every Step™
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    You can order left or right single shoes separately in different sizes.

    Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles, also known as "Sparkles," "DBS" or simply "The Duchess," eschewed the rules of royal etiquette from a young age.

    It's not that she wanted to disappoint her parents, she just couldn't imagine living a life banned from Monopoly or squeaking with delight whenever she wants.

    As anyone who has ever tried to curtsy with four legs will tell you, it is neither graceful nor ladylike, but an exercise in ridiculousness.

    What she longs for is a life free from the spotlight, to discover the beauty of the real world outside the palace walls and away from the paparazzi. Since leaving, she’s held a series of jobs considered boring by conventional standards:

    • Cheese Slicer (the cheese was just too tempting)
    • Stapler (a declining industry thanks to email - people just don't collate like they used to)
    • Envelope Licker (she enjoyed this, but an episode of her favorite comedy convinced her it's too dangerous)
    • Comptroller (glorified accountant, second most boring job)
    • Toll Booth Operator (she loved meeting new people, though they often seemed in a hurry)
    • Sport Clothing Product Tester (that came to a sharp end when she got moved to the hat department)
    • Social Media Marketing Consultant (Most. Boring. Ever.)

    Despite forsaking her royal life, The Duchess' presence still commands attention whenever she walks into a room. She is, after all, still royalty, something unique to her extended family and the occasional Hollywood starlet.

    She is currently in the second round of interviews to become a sign-holder for a local noodle house where she recently befriended an affable dragon. While she doesn't have actual sign-holding experience, the owner can't deny the fact that a unicorn waving his sign will turn heads, though he does worry that the medium may eclipse the message.

    Squeaky Sandals Diagram
    Squeaky Sandals Diagram

    Customer Reviews

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    Doesn't fit well with SMO

    We love Ikiki, however, the sandals do not fit the same as the shoes. We had to return them as there is also no extender strap option for this style of sandal. Bummer.
    But we will just stick to the regular shoes for now.

    Doesn't fit well with SMO

    We love Ikiki, however, the sandals do not fit the same as the shoes when it comes to the strap, & securing the shoe closes. We had to buy the extender strap for one pair & returned the other because there wasn't an extender strap option for the second pair we got.
    Outside of that the shoe is so cute & fun!
    We will just have to stick to the regular shoes for now.

    We're sorry the straps on the sandals were too small! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help with your return!


    I’m obsessed for ikiki! Good quality, cute shoes and the most important: my daughter loved it! Just perfect. I’ll buy again 😊