Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™
Patty Potamus™

Patty Potamus™

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Patty is a promising ballerina and painter who has a taste for the finer things in life; like tea parties, tutus, good manners, and the arts.

She is currently training to be the first hippo dancing the lead in Swan Lake. When she isn't perfecting her pointe, you will find her creating beautiful works of art.

Patty Potamus



Customer Reviews

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Love it!

These shoes are adorable! Exactly as expected and my son loves them.

Love them

Got these shoes for my 15 month daughter last week and she and I both love them! Super cute, decently priced, fast delivery! And she also loves that they squeak. Very pleased and we will be ordering more.

No harsh smells

These shoes are adorable and sturdy. No harsh smells which usually mean harmful chemicals.

My daughter loves these shoes!!

My daughter would not take these of for at least an hour when she first tried them on - she absolutely loves them!! The squeaker stopped working on our first walk to the park and the company replaced them right away. When she grows out of these we will definitely be getting another pair.
Color and size were very accurate!


My 1 year old loves hearing them squeak! They are also super cute, we get compliments all the time.


No, we don't sell our shoes through normal stores. Doing so would mean we would have to either:

  • Charge more.
  • Not use such premium materials.

(Yeah, we don't like those options either.)

Our shoes run pretty true-to-size but it's always a good idea to check out our sizing guide.

We want to take the stress out of buying shoes for your kids online so we'll take care of shipping (both ways). Just contact us and let us know your Order # and we'll get a shipping label to you.

Usually this is caused by one of three things:

  1. The squeaker is turned off
    If you can see red on the squeaker then slide the switch to the other side. (You might be reaching to slide it back to the off position soon).

  2. Your child isn't quite 20 lbs.
    This usually only happens in the smallest sizes (3, 4 and sometimes 5). To test it squeeze the heel with your hand - if you hear a squeak then rest assure that as your child grows the squeaks will get louder and louder.

  3. The squeaker needs to be primed
    Sometimes the squeakers need to be broken in to get the air circulating inside. Squeeze the squeaker by hand ten times and see if it starts squeaking.

If none of these resolves it please send us a message and let us make it right! While it isn't common sometimes the squeaker itself is defective.

It's better not to submerge the shoe - sometimes water can damage the reed which can keep them from squeaking. (And if that sounds good to you we recommend familiarizing yourself with how the "off switch" works).

To spot clean:

  1. Mix a small amount of hand or dish soap with warm water.

  2. Apply with a small cloth or sponge.
    If you have deep stains an old toothbrush can do wonders. (We strongly recommend retiring it after this mission).

  3. Rinse with fresh, warm water.
    You want to completely remove the soap. Repeat as needed.

  4. Let the shoes dry before your next adventure.

90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
If you or your little one doesn't love the shoes send them back within 90-days and we'll refund you, no questions asked (although if you have a specific complaint please let us know - the awesomeness of the shoes today is a direct result of early customer feedback).

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