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Raccoon Squeakerless Single Shoes | Gray

Joy in Every Step™
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Robert Sneakmiser Squeakerless Shoes

You can order left or right single shoes separately in different sizes.

NOTE: These shoes do not have squeakers in the heel.

  • Wide opening to make it easy to put on and take off shoes
  • Compatible with many AFOs, SMOs and other orthotics
  • Non-marking rubber soles provide a reliable grip
  • High top design provides good support for early walkers

Rob lives up to his name as a renowned thief. He does not have a squeaker of his own so he is always on the lookout for an opportunity to "borrow" a squeaker from the other ikiki characters. Though he does always give the squeakers back... Eventually.

Non-Squeaky Shoes Diagram
Non-Squeaky Shoes Diagram

Customer Reviews

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Our son was a crawler and front of shoe scuffs off but they fit over his SMO braces so nicely it was worth replacing them


My son started wearing these because he had leg braces & we continue to buy them because they are great shoes even though he doesn't need leg braces anymore. The squeak in his older pair helped him to learn to walk flat footed. He used to walk on his tippy toes- not anymore. Very happy buyer #Autismmom

Kellie C.
Awesome shoes

I love all these shoes with kids with braces they are the best