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Fun shoe options for kids
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Ikiki features incredibly cute shoes for toddlers and kids. Not only are these shoes adorable, but they also feature a unique “squeaker” placed in the heel of the shoe to encourage heel-to-toe walking. Don’t worry parents, the only thing better than a squeaker shoe that helps your child learn to walk properly is the ability to turn the squeaker off. (Yes, throw your money at Ikiki!)


While toe walking, where the toes hit the ground first and then the heel, is a completely normal part of learning to walk, according to the Mayo Clinic, it can cause developmental issues if continued past eighteen months, such as having difficulty standing with their heels on the ground, tight calf muscles, and less than stellar balance. If toe walking continues to be something your child does past eighteen months, be sure to check with their pediatrician, because it may be a sign of conditions like muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or a shortened Achilles tendon. But again, don’t worry, tiptoe walking is normally just a phase, and can be helped with a fun pair of Ikiki shoes.


In addition to a fun squeaker in the heel, Ikiki shoes also feature ankle supports which discourage tip toe walking. Kids love to hear the squeak so they are more likely to walk with their heels hitting the ground first, and parents, you’ll love being able to turn off the squeaker if it ever becomes too much to handle. 


Ikiki shoes are lightweight and flexible, with the squeaker securely fixed so it can’t be removed to play with (or choke on). There are also two air chambers in Ikiki shoes that support good posture and keep the shoe stable. These shoes are made with breathable fabric, keeping shoes and little feet cleaner and more comfortable. Featuring anti-slip grips, which keep your little one safer as they race around the house in their new squeaky shoes, having a blast playing catch me if you can. (Why are you so slow, mom? You can’t catch me!) Little hands will learn to put on their shoes themselves with Velcro straps, encouraging independence and taking one thing off a parent’s already very full plate. The fun colors and squeakers will make your child eager to put on their shoes, so they can run right out the door and onto their day. 


Ikiki shoes are also for kids with extra special needs, such as cancer patients, who sometimes have issues with walking. These special shoes are also available as singles in case your toddler has adorably mismatched feet. These shoes roomy fit also works well with AFO and SMO braces. Is your child nonverbal? You will be able to keep closer tabs on your child as they happily squeak around the house!


Orange Tiger Shoes for Toddlers


Rrrrrrrrated at more than four and a half stars, your little one will be the star of their playgroup with these cheerful orange shoes featuring their new, tiger friend, Jeera Swiftpaws. Jeera has friendly green eyes and a cute little tail on the back of his shoes!


Cool Llama Toddler Shoes


Your kiddo will be too cool for school in these adorable shoes featuring the coolest Llama around, Mr. Fresh M. Spitz. Mr. Spitz showcases his signature style with rainbow sunglasses and a friendly yet confident smile. His fluffy tale adorns the back of his shoe, so he looks as good coming as he does going.


Bumblebee Squeaky Toddler Shoes


Your child will want to buzz around with the Beeatrix Honeydew shoe. She is a farmer who helps to grow tasty fruit snacks that your child can pack for school. Featuring her signature color yellow with teal wings on the back, Beeatrix will have your child eager to wear these adorable shoes!


Ladybug Toddler Shoes


These elegant shoes are a favorite of Lady Dorothy Rose, LadyBug extraordinaire. They’ll be your child’s new favorite once they see Lady Dorothy’s charming antenna and polka dot wings!


Unicorn Shoes for Toddlers


With her shiny teal coat and shy smile, Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles will win your child over in no time. Her rainbow horn and sleek tail will only add to her appeal. 


Fierce Dragon Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers


Don’t let his fangs fool you, Leo Longfire is the friendliest dragon around! You can see it in his eyes, he can’t wait to play with your toddler, though they might get into some mischief together. 


Black Penguin Shoes for Toddlers


With his shiny black feathers and the cutest eyes around, George P. Penguin can’t wait to go on an arctic adventure with your little one! His hobbies include fishing and collecting wildlife specimens, and he is a sure pick for your budding nature lover. 


Fox Toddler Shoes


Sylvester Whiskerton is a happy fox, who is as proud of his tail as your toddler will be to wear these shoes! With his fun ears and whiskers, these shoes will be as show-stealing as Sylvester’s drum performances!


Pink Owl Shoes for Toddlers


Dr. Owlivia Hoot loves to help her friends as much as your toddler will love putting on these shoes! She is sure to enjoy helping your toddler learn to walk safely and properly as much as your toddler will enjoy these shoes. 


Blue Narwhal Toddler Shoes

Sasha Narwhalski, the scuba diver and freediving instructor extraordinaire, cannot wait to dive into life with your toddler! Don’t worry, he won’t take your toddler diving unless you give permission. 

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