Squeaky Shoes! Make Walking Fun for Your Toddler!

Squeeky Toddler Shoes

Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

Squeaky shoes for kids are all the rage these days for everyone from your size 13 wearing kid to the one-year-old early walker. Squeaky shoes for toddlers can be found anywhere from Amazon, to individual businesses like your local shoe store. Ikiki squeaky shoes are the premium, quality squeaky shoes for kids. Ikiki squeaky shoes for toddlers can be found on their website. But Ikiki squeaky shoes for kids are so popular they can be found almost everywhere! You can find Ikiki squeaky shoes for toddlers and kids anywhere from large stores like Wal-Mart to independent online shoe retailers like Shoe Mango. Squeaky shoes for toddlers are the go-to choice for your child who is learning how to walk or is already an expert at running around.


What is a Squeaky Shoe?

A squeaky shoe is designed with a small, plastic bubble in the heel of the shoe which holds air and is connected to a plastic squeaker device so that when pressure is applied, a fun squeak comes out. When pressure is lifted, the plastic container automatically re-inflates, making it ready for the next squeak. Ikiki shoes are made a bit differently than regular squeaky shoes. First, they have designed the squeaker with an easy off switch. Hallelujah! While your child might be happy to squeak all day long, twenty-four-hour squeaking might eventually wear on a parent’s nerves. (Well, let’s be honest, twenty-four-hour squeaking will wear on a parent’s nerves for sure.) Other shoes are designed so that the only way to turn off the squeaker is to fully remove the squeaking element. This little piece of plastic is easy to lose and hard to keep track of, plus it presents a choking hazard for children and pets. Choking hazards aside, losing the squeaker is a sure way to devastate your child, who is likely in love with their squeaky shoes. This leads us to the second reason Ikiki shoes are the superior squeaky shoe for toddlers; Ikiki’s squeaker is made to be virtually impossible for tiny fingers (or large human ones) to remove, making this the safer squeaky shoe choice, both for health reasons and for preventing tantrums.


Why a Squeaky Shoe?


You may be wondering why you would choose a shoe that constantly squeaks with every step? Isn’t there already enough noise and clamor around the house with a toddler or young child around, between toys, tv shows, and general banging around? (Not to mention how loud toddlers and kids are on their own!) Why would you want to add to the cacophony? Simple answer? Squeaky shoes help your child learn to walk properly, avoid tiptoe walking, and encourage better posture. Squeaky shoes are designed with a plastic squeak bubble (If you have pets, you have likely seen a similar device in the remains of fido’s favorite squeaky toy) in the heel. Toddlers and kids generally love the squeaky sound and are encouraged to put their heels down first when walking and running around. This makes it so they are walking properly, heel to toe, which prevents tiptoe walking, or helps them unlearn tiptoe walking, and helps them have better posture. Ikiki shoes go a few steps further with dual air chambers that support good posture in addition to helping the mechanics of good walking. Ikiki shoes also have ankle supports that discourage tiptoe walking. While tiptoe walking is generally just a phase kids go through when learning to walk, it can lead to health issues in the long run, which truly answers the question of why buy your child squeaky shoes: it’s good for their health.


Games to Play While Wearing a Squeaky Shoe


There are lots of fun games to play with your toddler or kid while they are wearing their squeaky shoes! Of course, you can play these games wearing any kind of shoe, but these games are made even more fun for your child when they have on their squeaky shoes. If you are trying to actively encourage squeaky shoe wear to support walking health, these games can make reaching your goals for your child easier.


One of the easiest games for toddlers is Monster Chase. It is simple, you are the monster, and you chase your child around the house or outside at a park. When you catch them, after letting them give you a good chase, playfully roar and squeeze them. You may even want to pretend to devour them by giving them belly raspberries.


You can turn Monster Chase into the classic game of Tag by simply reversing roles when you catch your child. Now they’re it, or the “monster” and they get to chase you around, likely laughing all the while.


Old fashioned hopscotch is a great game that helps with balance, counting, and competitive gameplay. Hopscotch can be played outdoors or can be played or indoors with a little creativity. When playing outdoors, double the fun by using chalk to outline your course.

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