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Penguin Squeaky Toddler Shoes | Sparkly Black

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George P. Penguin

  • Squeaks can be turned on/off with a switch
  • Breathable fabric
  • Roomy Fit
  • Velcro strap

George P. Penguin is a famous explorer and has led an expedition to the Arctic as  well as a wildlife specimen collecting  expedition to Baffin Island.  He is currently working with on an autobiography with his wife, Amelia Iceheart, about their different adventures.

Note: George features a tuxedo black fabric that is woven with sparkle thread to take his attire to the next level. It sparkles similar to the fabric on other friends like Patty Potamus and Duchess Bubblegum Sparkles. 

Non-Squeaky Sandals Diagram
Non-Squeaky Sandals Diagram

Customer Reviews

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Angelena J.
Sloth shoe

We love how cute they are, the fit on wider feet and most definitely the squeak!

Shoes last forever and so do the squeaks

This is my son’s 3rd size in these shoes. The ones he grew out of are still in great shape after a trip through the washing machine. The squeaks encourage him to keep his heels down. And I always know where he is!!

We are so glad to hear that they have last so long! Did you mean to leave a higher rating instead of a 1-star review? If there is anything we can do to improve, we'd love your feedback!

Mohamed R.
Attention Grabber Shoes

My daughter loves it. She's been wearing the ladybug's shoes for nearly a year. It's time for a bigger size because they became too small for her AFOs. Thank you, ikiki!